Guarantee Outline

We are backed by our 1 year guarantee. Read the details below.

Warranty Outline

TYBO Concrete Coatings & Restoration offers an optional one ( 1 ) year warranty on product de ­bonding and/or lifting from the original surface area. The surface area must be maintained yearly through our concrete sealers in which are compatible with our product line for guarantee to be upheld. Sealer must be applied every summer within the one year warranty period. Failure to do so will void any guarantee.
** We offer the concrete sealing service with a fixed fee which varies project to project depending on the size of project and prep work involved**

Our Guarantee Does Not Cover

In terms of our parging applications, we offer a one ( 1 ) year guarantee. This guarantee excludes pre-existing cracks in foundations walls that cause our product to delaminate or bubble due to movement or outside factors out of our control.

The guarantee does not cover re-appearing cracks which broadcast through overlay application because of movement or settling ­ all projects will vary.

As well, any other discrepancies such as wear and tear marks from moving outdoor furniture, possible fading, and/or anything out of TYBO Concrete control will be addressed with a fee decided at the time.

At TYBO Concrete Coatings, customer satisfaction and service is very important to us. Our track record of serving the Niagara Region for over 10 years speaks for itself and quality is job number one.

Thank you in advanced for your business and enjoy your new improved concrete look by TYBO Concrete Coatings!